About Us

Q Travel was created with the following aspects

in mind – professionalism, experience and unconditional

love to what we do! The industry itself has always

been welcoming us and became our addiction

and part of our lifestyle!

Our main mission - is to provide travel and corporate service of the highest level, with diligent and smart approach to every request that we receive from

each of our Clients.

Discover Inspiration!
Business Trips
Concentrate on growing your business and let us take care
of the planning from A to Z, thus freeing up your time.
We offer travel support to both small enterprises and family offices as well as large multinational corporations.
Our experience and knowledge will ensure quick and efficient support at every stage- flights, accommodation,
visa and informational support in regard to the entry rules which are in force.
Private trips
Our world is beautiful and massive! There is always something new to discover and our team at Q Travel is ready
to meticulously plan your trips, taking into consideration every wish that you might have – exclusive places, private jets and transfers, concierge service and VIP treatment which will form an unforgettable experience for you and your family.
We are always just a phone call away to support you wherever you may be.
Planning an event – is truly an art! Our team hand-picks
and cooperates with only the best in the event industry!
Your company will benefit from the huge boost in loyalty
and motivation from colleagues and partners, due to the carefully planned business event or celebration.

Private aviation
Fly wherever and whenever you want without the hassle of flying on commercial jets. Our partners around the world always have attractive offers and we will assist you to choose the one that fits you best.
Why Us?
  • Enthusiasm
    It is hard to properly complete a task without the sense of personal responsibility and pride for the excellent results. Our team is filled with enthusiasm and love to our work.

  • Experience
    Knowing the ropes of the business is not only measured in the years spent doing a particular work, but also the skill to overcome any obstacles and select the best offers on the market! Our experience saves you timeand money!
  • Simplicity
    Language or mental barriers? We don’t have any! We can easily understand your requirements and provide you with the tailor-made options. Over the course of the long-term relationship, we continuously learn all the special requirements and preferences of our clients which translates to flawless service.
  • Creativity
    Nothing is impossible! In the modern world it is imperative to swiftly react and adapt to all the changes and developments: changes in tourist destinations, entry rules, developments in business communication and other trends in the industry. Our team is always ready to assist and achieve your goals quickly and efficiently.
  • Trust
    Confidentiality and transparent pricing system – are our contribution to the development of the long-term relationship.

  • Positive vibes
    Carefully planned trip is the most important factor for the great mood! However, in case if there will be any obstacles, see the points above! We are always ready to assist you in resolution of any unforeseen obstacles.

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Tel.: +357 25 581 831
Mob.: +357 99 406 675
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